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3 Essential Tips for Teaching Online!

Online teaching can be difficult at times, especially for teachers just starting out. Every teacher has their own strengths and weaknesses, but in this post I will be highlighting 3 essential tips that can help improve your teaching experience as a whole.

#1 Build Relationships!

Strong relationships with your co-teachers and your students are absolutely crucial to having continuous success in the classroom. It is essential you are able to build rapport with your students so they feel more comfortable with you. A great way to do this is by asking some personal questions to your students. This can include discussing topics such as favourite interests and hobbies and really getting to know your students. Involving your co-teachers in class activities is a good way of building a strong relationship with them, which will result in a better classroom environment!

#2 Make Use of Group and Individual Tasks!

Vary the activities you use in your classes so students don't get restless. Engage and challenge students in a variety of group and individual activities. Each students is different and it is important to challenge them in various situations. If you are stuck for task ideas, at Early Birds we provide a document full of games you can use in your class.

#3 Teacher Talking Time (TTT) & Student Talking Time (STT) Balance!

Lesson preparation will ensure the right balance of TTT and STT. Review the class topic, plan activities and consider your students' level in advance to determine teacher and student talk time. Remember to make sure every student has the opportunity to speak in order to give everyone a fair chance.

Of course, each teacher has their own style and their own idea of what works best for their classes. By implementing these 3 essential tips into your teaching style, you can make your classroom a major success!

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