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The root of our success...

Our fantastic teachers, of course!

Today we had a catch up with one of our online teachers; Annie, who has worked for Early Birds for almost two years. All of our co-teachers and students love her and look forward to her classes on a weekly basis as she includes a perfect mix of fun and learning. Even we want to be students in Annie's class!

Let's take a look into Annie's experience as an online teacher at Early Birds.

What is the main benefit of being an Early Birds online teacher?

"I really love teaching so I always try to take as many classes as possible, but at the same time I love that I have flexibility in my schedule. Even though I work a lot, I can arrange my time so I have enough time with my family and friends and for hobbies and self-education."

What has been your most memorable moment during your time at Early Birds?

"The moment I finally met my colleagues in Hangzhou and I was surprised with a visit from some of my students, that was a very special trip for me."

What piece of advice can you give for a prospective Early Birds teacher?

"The main rule I follow is 'the students should talk more than you do', in English of course. I always guide my students when they're speaking but don't interrupt them, I allow them to make mistakes and then highlight and correct them afterwards. I also allow them to practice speaking even if it's something not related to the lesson as this helps them develop."

We are so lucky to have teachers like yourself. Thank you for your continuous hard work and enthusiasm and thank you for meeting with me today.

"No problem, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the teachers, managers and product team who work so hard on a daily basis. Early Birds allow me to live my dream and give me the freedom and flexibility I need in my personal life. I love you all."

We really value our teachers and the personal relationship we build. Our teachers are our success.

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