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Will 2020 be an exciting year for you?

We’re six days into 2020 and 2019 was another memorable year for us.

We had a truly fantastic year with 14, (yes, that’s 14) new schools opening. This meant hundreds of new job openings and thousands of opportunities for local children.

Not only that, we’ve developed our overseas department and built our teachers community with highly qualified and experienced native teachers. We're entering 2020 stronger than ever and with many more exciting ventures lined up, we need more teachers on board.

With six new schools opening in Hangzhou at the end of 2019, we are now looking for qualified and enthusiastic ESL teachers to join us. Hangzhou is located 112 miles (180km) from Shanghai (2 hours on a bullet train costing the equivalent of £3, if you're wondering) and is most widely known for the scenic beauty, West Lake, that blends naturally with the traditional pavilions, pagodas, temples and arched bridges that are spread across the city.

Our overseas department have all visited or lived in Hangzhou. Let's see what they thought of it...

Julia, Director of the Overseas department

“For me, Hangzhou is like Venice of the East. The enormous West Lake is so peaceful and its calming effect trickles through every part of the city. Hangzhou people really do seem to be the happiest. Maybe it’s because their city is based around this beautiful lake.”

Beth, Training Manager

“What a place! A constant hive of activity, from the breathtaking views of West Lake to the famous sights and smells of Hefangjie. One thing I particularly enjoyed was that no matter what your age or interests, there’s something for you. At West Lake there’s dancing, singing, boat rides & vendors ready for a barter. You could go every day for a year and still experience something new.”

Kate, Recruitment Marketing Manager

“My favourite thing about Hangzhou was the perfect combination of city and nature. I spent my days off wandering around discovering the beauty and stillness that can rarely be found in a city. It’s truly a beautiful place.”

We'd also like to introduce our first offline teacher in Hangzhou, Julio!

"Howdy! I've been living in Hangzhou, China for 3 years and absolutely love it. The tales are true about the beauty, peacefulness and ever developing city that is Hangzhou. Throughout these years I've taught at various school levels but have mostly enjoyed teaching younger students. That's why I joined Early Birds. The team we have on board is great and has a strong passion for education. On my time off I spend it with friends, reading and trying to enjoy the little things in life".

Hangzhou is also home to our head office, where all of our fantastic ideas are born and developed. From operations to marketing to teaching, from China to England and any country that our teachers are based, no matter the job role or location, everyone at Early Birds shares one common interest; to develop global citizens.

Have you ever considered teaching abroad? Not only is it an opportunity to travel, it opens many doors for career development and a chance to embark on a living changing experience through immersing yourself in a new culture.

We are now hiring for offline teachers in Hangzhou, please check out website for more information and contact us at if you have any questions.

Make 2020 an amazing year!

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