We are a chain of private English Language Schools providing combined offline
and online co - teaching across China. 

Our students range from 3 years to 15years of age.

Regular Classes


Group lessons of up to 10 students held in our purpose - built schools. Classes are 25 minutes long. A co-teacher will always be present.

Speaka Classes

Unique interactive play-based English language lessons in small groups of 1 – 4. Students sign in from home. Lessons are 25 minutes long.

Working hours (Beijing time)


Weekdays: 16:30-21:00 Weekends: 9:00-21:00 

In addition, during our Summer and Winter semesters, we have classes all day everyday. 

All teachers must have weekend availability.

To be considered for Speaka classes, teachers should be able to provide a minimum of ten hours per week. Speaka classes are delivered twice weekly. 



Be a native English speaker / hold a passport from a native English - speaking country.


Regular & Speaka Classes

We place teachers according to their availability. 



Regular classes: $18 per hour

​Speaka classes: Speaka rates are awarded on a sliding scale from $10 - $20 per hour dependent upon experience. Opportunities to earn performance related bonuses each month.  


All class materials are provided and, for regular group classes, no student feedback is required. Speaka teachers provide brief feedback to students after each class.



Hold a bachelor's degree and a recognised ESL teaching certification such as a TEFL/TESOL or CELTA.  ​


Have 3 months of online teaching experience with children aged 3-15 (group class experience is an advantage). Ideally also have experience of teaching on ClassIn.

All class materials are provided and, for group classes, no feedback nor preparation time is required. Speaka teachers are required to provide brief after class feedback per student.

The Recruitment Process


After submitting a CV, demo video and additional documents, successful candidates will be invited for an interview.


Candidates will be invited to a training session in the teaching platform we use (classin). This session lasts approximately one hour.


Candidates must complete a test based on the training session and prepare a lesson plan using our material.


Candidates will complete a live practice class, this is a pass or a fail. Feedback will be given regardless of the outcome.

Successful candidates will be given a contract and classes will be allocated.